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395 free FX and sweetener
The Binaural CollectionBinaural recording
女性の声1338 free female vocal samples外国人女性のボイスサンプル集

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250Mistabishi DnB and dubstep136MBDnB and dubstep
3503synth arpeggio182MBsynth arpeggio
4451emo273MBbass, drum (loops and hits), lead and rhythm guitar samples
5242 feelgood318MBChords (organ and synth choir), Harp and Loops
650Bomb Squad86MBloops, and sounds and FX
7286real-world FX365MBBody FX, Foley FX and Field Recordings
8220electronic pop413MBthe full loops, the various loop elements, the drum loops only,
the drum loops without kick drums, and the drum loops with bass.
945Vince Watson74MBtechno
10171feedback89MBLEM Baby Mixer and LEM n Guitar
11100experimental321MBBass, Drones, Drums and Sfx
12130 drum 'n' bass pad417MBpad
13100 drum 'n' bass FX samples148MBFX
14100drum 'n' bass atmosphere523MBatmosphere
15426nu-disco306MBdrum, bass and guitar loops plus breaks, sweeps and drops
16440amped628MBDub, Jazz, Experimental and Funk
17462pop283MBbass, beat and synth
18713robotic synthpop185MBdrum machines, FX, speaking toys and vocoded vocals
19437chunky guitar and drum191MBbold and brash drum and guitar sounds
20382ambient502MBarpeggiated synth, bass, drum, pad, Rhodes, guitar and other loops


21393soul and funk213MBdrum, bass, guitar, Rhodes piano and organ loops
22227remix213MBbeats, bass and synth loops
23345Afrobeat159MBdrum, bass, guitar, keyboard and percussion loops
24266acoustic guitar406MBeffected loops and single instrument loops
25429upfront house percussion723MBpercussion
26318old-school rave108MBBeats, Drum hits, FX, Loops
27200drum 'n' bass breaks110MBbreakbeat-style loops that are ripe for twisting and reprogramming
28236wonky step80MBbeats and a variety of other sounds
29358dark dub379MBBeats, bass, keys 'n' synths and percussion
30792carnival rave384MBsynth bass, Rhythmic loops, Single hits, Vox loops and Vox slices
31162urban rock188MBbass, beats and guitar sounds
32466jazz club460MBdrums, guitar, bass and keys samples
33199uplifting674MBarpeggiated synths; vocal-esque pads; Pad loops; and String Filters
34338FX453MBFX sounds
35235songwriter's265MBDrums and Guitar
36721electro house250MBBass loops, Beats, Drum hits, FX, Guitar chunks,
Guitar loops, Processed beats and Synth riffs
37350minimal house134MB bass, beat and percussion samples
38294filthy hippy230MBdrum, bass, guitar, keyboard and other samples
39303Hi-NRG298MBback to the '80s
40243vinyl-style106MBcrackle, drum hits, drum loops, hits and skipped stuff


411338female vocal426MBvocal
42347prog rock352MBguitar, drum, bass, organ and Rhodes loops,
and there are some single hits and multisamples too.
43320ska371MBbass, brass, organ, sax, trombone, trumpet and drum loops
44338house394MBbass, beats and synths/keys
45259country crunk182MBbasslines, Rhodes piano progressions, organ licks and harmonica
46160dubstep bonus119MBBeats, FX, Loops and Percussive FX
47300twisted orchestra472MBsynthetic symphonic sounds
48483movie soundtrack298MBatmospheres, bass, beats, FX, synths etc
49215summer lovin'186MBdrum and instrument loops
50246italo disco167MBbass, beats, percussion and synth loops
51212dancehall122MBbass, drums, lead and other loops, drum hits
52307loved-up264MBbass, drums, guitar and keyboard loops, drum hits
53252heavy metal drum123MBacoustic and electronic
54316hip-hop278MBdrums, basslines, guitars, synths and keyboards
55272guitar and bass95MBBass Loops and Guitar Loops
56212lo-fi punk disco94MBsynths, drums, guitars and basses
57301percussion155MBpercussion loops
58500loungekore313MBloops, ,hits and multisamples
59395FX and sweetener595MBFX sounds
60316Parisian-style123MBloops, hits


61546retro and degraded312MBAtari, Casio, Commodore 64, Nintendo, Sega, Dr Who (version 1)
62502'80s432MBloops, hits
63504Balearic bliss506MBloops, hits and multisamples
641007criminal damage865MBloops, hits and multisamples
651000drum254MBHits, Drum Kits and Rex Loops
66376funk164MBinstrument sounds, beats
67400heavy metal guitar568MBriffs, chugs, power chords and more
68587lo-fi168MBLo-fi drum loops, Sound FX, Construction kits and multisamples
69703grime380MBBass, Beats, FX, Guitar, Kits, Synth and Vox
70976classic synth287MBsynth, drum machine
71462atmospheric706MBDark, Earoh, Harmoneutic, Light, Orgonite, OutSect,
Pads, ReAtmos, Sweepa, SynAtmos and Textures
72293trance510MBBasslines, Drums, Explosions, Leads, Pads and Trance Piano.
Drums loops and single hits.
73355breakbeat110MB breaks, basslines and synths, FX sounds.
loops, single hits and multisamples.
74328drum 'n' bass145MBdrum, bass, loops, single hits and multisamples
75357Prodigy-style168MBdrum, bass, guitar, keyboard and synth loops,
multisamples and single hits.
76281dub278MBdrum, bass, guitar, keyboard, loops, drum hits
77360abstract228MBAbstract, Atmospheric, High frequency, Low frequency,
Melodic and Percussive loops
78503techno391MBdrum, bass, ynth loops, bass multisamples and single drum hits
79342dubstep286MBbeats, basslines, synths and more
80166lounge230MBbass, drum and other instrument parts


81136B-boy electro56MBbeats, hits and robot vox
82176dirty grime96MBDrums, basses and synths
83223retro video game108MBBeats, FX and Loops
84300hand control411MBTheremin, an Alesis AirFX, synths and an Ebow
85400broken beat151MBloops, hits and multisamples
86500industrial466MBloops, hits and multisamples
87352chillout189MBBass, Drums, Keys, Pads, loops and multisamples
88382trance essentials521MBbasslines, beats, SH-101 loops, synth loops,
TB-303 loops and trance FX
89263bassline87MBBass loops, Beats and Drum hits
90193extreme bass55MBLive bass Biz and Low-end FX
91148cosmic soul98MBbass, beat and synth loops
92289funk guitar273MBchoppy guitar
93441techno atmosphere560MBatmospheric loops
94200drum break158MBClean and Processed
95204percussion39MBCajon, Conga and Djembe
96223Jen SX1000106MBDrums, Loops and Tape Echo Noises
97250modular synth209MBFX and Loops
98123Roland SH-101157MBLoops and FX
99398Found sound221MBBeats and Loops
100285real-world drum93MBDrum hits and Drum loops


101152industrial metal84MBno-holds-barred, amped-up beats, synths and basslines
102392bass guitar231MBDrums, basses and synths
105204World music72MBbodhran, jaw harp, thumb piano and udu
106496Random sequence254MBRandom sequence
107246Dirty Dutch house102MBa hard-edged style of dance music
108586Analogue drum and bass44MBdrum and bass
109253Nu Balearic112MBbeats, basslines, loops and hits
110284Digital Lover480MBbeats, basslines, guitars, synths and other instruments
111494Techno drum and FX160MBdrum and FX
112626Jazz groove375MBdrum, guitar and keyboard
113295Dance/urban pop141MBbeats, drum hits, loops and one-shots
114464Out there FX287MBatmosphere
115200Experimental lead335MBlead
116563Floor-filling264MBbeats, drum hits, loops and one-shot FX
117326Jackin house92MBbeats and loops
118327Vocal ad-lib237MBad-lib, FX and spoken word
119195Ambient allsort486MBAmbient
120210Berlin beats85MBten mini kits, analogue percussion hits.


121545Domestic appliance509MBBeats, Hit n One Shots, Loops and Verbed Out
122201Deep dub161MBatmospheres, beats, FX and bass loops
123384City nights315MBbass, beat, guitar and keyboard samples
124225Pure evil148MBguitar and string sounds
125190Synth percussion115MBKorg Wavedrum and Vermona DRM1 MkIII
126161Stadium house89MBBeats and Loops